Play Safe SC, WCCP 104.9 FM and the Ryan Harless Foundation


PlaySafe, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, strives to support essential, sports medicine services to our athletic youth and community. We believe professional, competent sports medicine services, beginning with a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), are critical to safe and healthy athletic participation. An estimated 2 million injuries occur in high school athletics annually. 62% of all reported injuries occur during practice with 23% of injuries affecting the head and face. Certified athletic trainers are experts in sports related injury prevention, assessment and care. The presence of a full time ATC can, simply put, Save a Life! The Sports Medicine Services in our community are unfunded by the state. PlaySafe exists to support our schools, parents, businesses and community at large. PlaySafe needs support from corporations, foundations, businesses and individuals in order to sustain and grow to meet the high demands of our schools and parents! I hope you find our website informative. I hope you will consider supporting our efforts as we work to protect our children. Thank you for visiting Please do not hesitate to contact me. LET’S WORK TOGETHER in an effort to keep our youth Safe, Healthy and Active….in other words….PLAY SAFE!

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