Clemson Tom: 21 Superfans You Know by Name via Bleacher Report

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Outside of South Carolina, there may not be too many college football fans that know Clemson Tom by name yet, but he’s already quite well known within the confines of the Palmetto State. And he’s quite the polarizing figure down there. Quite the polarizing figure, indeed.

For those of you unfamiliar with the politics and rivalries of college football, it really doesn’t get much nastier than the in-state rivalry between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. Think Ohio State vs. Michigan rage, but expressed with varying degrees of a Southern accent.

I suspect you can figure out on which side of the battle line Clemson Tom stands—the Clemson side. It’s not an ironic name or anything because irony is largely lost on most Southerners. Tom isn’t subtle enough for that anyway, he prefers a much more frank approach to his superfandom.

On Twitter he delights in menacing Gamecocks fans, who he unaffectionately calls “coots.” Most of them actually seek him out, which gives him even more of an opportunity to play to his audience. Tigers fans love him. Gamecocks fans love to hate him.

Clemson Tom wins either way.

It doesn’t matter if Clemson has a bad season. It doesn’t matter if the Gamecocks have been beating up on the Tigers for four consecutive seasons. If Clemson Tom calls them “the short bus” of the SEC, Gamecocks fans just can’t resist to unload their unfettered hatred on him.

And he loves it! But honestly, if you check out any of his YouTube videos, it’s obvious he’s just a goofball at heart who gets his jollies by ruffling chicken feathers. We all have our vices.