NCAA Basketball Tournament Quiz | OOB 3/24

1. UCLA has the most NCAA Titles with 11. Kentucky has the second most with 8. Which school has the third most NCAA Titles with 6?

A) Indiana

B) Duke

C) North Carolina


2. Which school has the most Final Four appearances in NCAA history?

A) Kentucky

B) North Carolina



3. What year was the first NCAA Tournament?

A) 1936

B) 1939

C) 1941


4. The lowest seed to make the Final Four is an 11-seed. Can you name two of the four schools that have made the Final Four as an 11-seed?


5. The last time a defending NCAA Champion did not make the tournament was in 2015. Which school did this?


6. Three straight upperclassmen guards have won the Final Four Most Outstanding Player Award. Can you name all three?


7. Which Power-5 school had the longest drought between NCAA Tournament appearances?

A) Stanford

B) Wisconsin

C) Baylor


8. Prior to UNLV in 1990, the last team from a mid-major conference to win the National Title was…?

A) Texas Western

B) San Francisco

C) Cincinnati


9. Which Clemson Tiger has played the most minutes in the NCAA Tournament?

A) Greg Buckner

B) Trevor Booker

C) Terrell McIntyre


10. Which Clemson Tiger has the highest scoring average in NCAA Tournament games?

A) Gabe DeVoe

B) Billy Williams

C) Horace Grant