#OOB – Hump Day Headlines

Here are the headlines you need to see this week as heard on #OOB.

In this social media age that we live in, academic institutions need to be more careful with their emails and text messages that they send out. Anybody can screen shot an embarrassing piece of correspondence and once it’s on Twitter or Facebook, it lives forever. Both Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Texas Christian University (TCU) have gone viral recently for this reason.

The FAU Alumni Association sent out a text message after their team’s 63-14 loss at Oklahoma last Saturday informing alumni that the Owls had defeated the Sooners. This was woefully inaccurate. Source: USAToday.com

Also, TCU sent an email to its marching band asking band members to help flush toilets before the TCU/Southern game to test the plumbing on the east side of their campus. Source: @Swizzzle_ on Twitter


Michigan football not only had a rough weekend on the field but also off of it. Former Michigan player Braylon Edwards, who now works for the Big Ten Network, tweeted out some harsh criticism directed at the Wolverine program after their loss at Notre Dame on Saturday. And of course Jim Harbaugh responded to Edwards’ tweets. Source: CBSSports.com. Photo: WolverinesWire.

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Finally, David Hale of ESPN wrote an interesting story on Trevor Lawrence’s first QB battle — in high school. The classmate that he beat out in high school in now a tight end at Alabama. Source: ESPN.com. Photo: The Post & Courier.

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