OOB – Hump Day Headlines

Here are the headlines you need to see on this #HumpDay as heard on #OOB.

For college football fans, having a fall wedding is almost impossible. However, these two Texas Tech fans found a solution – have your wedding on the field at halftime! Source: USA Today

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Les Miles and Steve Spurrier are no longer coaching but they are making wagers on Twitter regarding this weekend’s LSU/Florida game. Miles initiated the wager and Spurrier responded saying if LSU wins he will eat some of LSU’s grass and if Florida wins, Miles has to wear Spurrier’s visor. These two are still weirdos. Source: CBSSports.com

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Finally, NBA legend Kobe Bryant is in the news this week because well, he’s a nerd. When asked which of his possessions he’d save first in a house fire, he said his “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone first edition signed by J.K. Rowling.” Source: USA Today

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