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About Walt

I grew up playing the sports we all care about, if the sport utilized a ball (even tennis), I played it or tried to. I became sort of a playground legend in basketball, well, white suburban playgrounds which means it doesn’t really count (hear that, Duke?) Had a tryout once with a Continental League team which is as close as I ever came to mattering (that’s not close at all, by the way). Since I couldn’t play, I did what those who can’t do when they want to stick around the games they love, I worked camps around great coaches and learned the games from the inside. Sports is a hobby for other people, it’s an addiction for me.  You may have heard me reference my need for a 3-step program. While you sleep, I still watch and learn.

Through the years I have become extremely good at talent analysis in both basketball and football, as a part of that equation, I know virtually every player on every team in the country in both sports, and have analyzed NFL draft prospects for years. The Huddle Report is a national contest for NFL Draft Analysts, a test that includes the names Kiper, McShay, Mayock etc., and I have fared pretty well against all the national guys, as I presently sit 12th in the country over a 5 year period. I don’t have the resources or connections that the big names do, but I’m right in the mix. If you listen to the show, you expected Matt Barkley to be a 4th round pick all along, if you listen to Kiper, you can’t figure out why Barkley didn’t go first overall. Mel actually does a very fine job and is still the best in the industry.

I love challenging Vegas for all you degenerates. The show offers pick segments in football and basketball where I routinely crush Vegas. Last year in college football, I hit about 65% versus the spread and the weekly “bests” were much better than that. I don’t gamble (well, other than betting a few BGR burgers with listeners) but I enjoy the challenge of putting my knowledge against the big building guys in Sin City.

Martial arts is one of  my two favorite hobbies, I’ve studied and been involved in Jeet Kune Do and other arts for 20 years, when you love sports and aren’t good enough to play professionally in the “ball” sports, you find another outlet. I also love reptiles, yes reptiles. Published author on the subject, worked with zoos, and even done some research work for the National Forest Service as far away as Nebraska. Somebody had to do it. When I wasn’t playing sports as a kid, I was catching snakes. Boys will be boys kind of deal.

The phones ring all day on my show and I encourage your participation, come strong when you do. If you are a maiden voyage caller, don’t worry, we take it easy on virgins.
Just look at it this way, there is no way that you can be worse than “Gamecock Will.” See you on the show.

Biography of one Producer Ramona

I am born.

Can I say my birth was ordinary? Maybe…I was born in a small town in the state of Georgia. Easy living and all that stuff. However my birth was anything but ordinary for I was born on Easter Sunday! The day the Lord rose! My parents, feeling blessed named me Ramona. The name of Queens, Princesses and all the great women who came before me. Georgia the place of endless possibilities! Georgia, home of the Falcons, the Braves, the Bulldogs.

Wheat… the crops, the grains, fields of rippling wheat…..

We move

My parents soon decided that Georgia didn’t have all that much in the way of possibilities so we all moved to Florida when I was a baby. Florida, home of beaches, tall buildings, the Gators, the Suns, and later the Jaguars-but that’s another story for a later day… Florida endless possibilities once again!

Wheat….all there is in life is wheat….

Wonderful world of education

I graduated from high school without incident while working in my family bakery. Pretty good student, I could spell back then. Didn’t cause any trouble. I think there were possibilities.

It came to pass I decided to go to college. It seemed to be a good idea at the time. I soon discovered it was a lot more work than I expected and I lost interest quickly.  I attended a graduation, but alas, it was not mine. I do look back on college with great memories…not the classes. No, not the classes…

Wheat…fields of wheat…

If you’re not a student you have to work.

College not to be I went to work. Work in the family business you ask? No, actually one day Mom laid me off, but that’s another story… I became a banker. I was an excellent banker! I had to deal with lawyers, auditors, numbers and money! Lots of money.

Wheat…..red wheat…

My parents try to flee the children.

Usually kids leave their parents; mine left us to move to South Carolina. Greenville, the home of my father’s ancestors. Soon, for reasons not of my story’s purpose, we all followed.

Wheat…wheat with feathers….

Now I am in radio…

Soon Banking begins to get boring. Wanting the chance to do something different I ended up here. They say you get into radio by accident… I think that’s true. At first I ran Clemson sports and Greenville Braves. I then started producing Mickey’s show in the afternoon.

One day they decided to move Mickey to mornings and hired Walt to do the afternoon show. Walt had been on Mickey’s show as a guest on Thursdays. I was glad to stay on afternoons so I became Walt’s producer.

The rest is history…
Wheat…a tremendous amount of wheat……